Safety Measures For Your Pup You Should Know

How old is your pup? Are you going to celebrate its first birthday? If yes, then wish it a ‘Very Happy Birthday’ on behalf of us. But are you sure that your dog is healthy enough? We would like to tell you about some of the safety measures you should maintain for your dog. Hope you are maintaining them and if not, you would start abiding with them.
These safety measures c

an keep your dog healthy
• Pay attention to your pooch’s behavior: Keep observing your pet’s behavior. With the changes of seasons, they often fall ill. It takes a huge amount of time to get accustomed with the new season for the dogs. So take precautions to keep your pet healthier. You should take a bottle of water when you are taking it out for walk. Your pooch may need it if it does not feel good. Knitted dog jumpers will keep them warm and protect them from seasonal problems.
• Safety hazards for your dogs: Most of the people make this common mistake in this phase. Your pup is too sensitive and since it cannot express its feelings in words you have to be very careful. When you are taking your pooch for a walk you should take care so that the safety matters remain intact. In the months of snowfall, it becomes vulnerable for the dogs to walk on the road.Along with dressing it up with knitted dog jumpers you should ensure that it is not treading over any chemical. This may become very much problematic for your pooch. Such chemicals get into the paws first and the worst part is that they get dried up soon. Your pooch will keep licking the paws and soon it may fall severely ill. For a better protection, you may use booties but since dogs do not like it, you should try some other hacks. Keep your dog’s paws cleaned with antiseptic solutions and warm water. Use towel to soak it up. You may add petroleum jelly to the paws before you are taking it out for walking.
• Have some kibbles: Small breed of the dogs do not have so much love to go out or play more. So you may find it a little harder to bring them out of the house. For them, kibbles will work well. Once you are successful in taking your pet out put some unique collar, reward it with the small amount of kibbles and it will keep walking. In case of the large breeds, you will have no need to face this issue.