Potty Rules For Your Pet

One of the most worrisome issues for a new pet owner is how to train the pet to go to the toilet in the designated area. When one has got a new pup, one has to be prepared to pick up after the pet quite a few times. Indeed, it is a challenge to get the training right with regard to potty training of dogs. Here are some standard practices that are followed by most pet owners.

Consistent routines

In order to train a pup or a pet canine to relieve themselves only in a designated outdoor area and at certain times of the day, one needs to start taking them out to the area every few hours. As a pup this activity needs to be repeated throughout the day and night. In this way the pup will associate the outings with the significance of its time to relieve itself. As the pet grows up, it can be told to walk out and relieve itself. In many cases sending the pet to a puppy preschool will help to establish these routines and training methods more easily.

Look for the signs

Not only does the pup need to understand where and when it should relieve itself, the pet owner also needs to realize the signs of the pet when it is about to relieve itself. As the first few days it will take a while for a pet owner to understand the pup and for the latter to follow instructions, the pet owner needs to concentrate on picking up the habits of the pet in order to be able to guide it accordingly. One can also send the pup to a puppy preschool where it will be given the basic tutorials.

Importance of rewards

As potty training is crucial, when a dog gets it right the first time, this needs to be applauded and rewarded subsequently. Most pets respond the most to rewards and see it as a positive reinforcement of their behavior. This will prompt them to repeat it again. From dog treats to dog bites, there are many kinds of edible items that are easily available for one to keep as rewards to be given to the pet.

Cleaning up and taking precautions

At the time when the training is not complete and a pet is prone to make mistakes, it is best to keep a close supervision on the pet and not allow it to roam free. Cleaning up after the pet might be a grueling task but needs to be done till the pet is properly trained. If one is finding difficulty to train the pet, there are experts whose guidance can be sought in this regard.