Finding The Right Boarding Facility For Your Cat

Holidays will soon be here and you will be going away with the whole family. Even your very close friends and neighbours are going away and you are stuck with your cats that will not be coming with you on the holiday. There’s no need to worry about leaving your cat alone for weeks. You could find a boarding cattery in your area which will be willing to keep your pet while you are away. There may be many different providers in your area but how do you find the right one for your cats? You shouldn’t have to worry about your cats’ welfare if you follow the simple tips below.
Decide the kind of facility you want
Even if you are in a hurry to find a suitable facility to keep your cat while you are away, it is important to decide what kind of facility you want for your cat. This decision will be based mainly on your understanding of what the cat likes. Some facilities are indoors while others are outdoors. An indoor facility for catteries may seem like a great option when you want your cat warm and safe, however, the risk of infection is higher when these cats are left indoors. A well aerated area that is open but well enclosed should be a better option.
Ask around
Your search for a provider of boarding services for cats may be very easy if you start by asking around from those close to you such as family, friends and neighbours. You may find that one or two have names they will readily recommend. Alternatively you can use the internet to help narrow the search. Another great source for such information is from your veterinarian who should be well informed about the different boarding facilities for animals in the area.
Use a legal provider
When you start looking for where to leave your pets while you are away, you may be flooded with many proposals. Some will have very enticing proposals that you may be tempted to take them at face value. However, there is need to do background checks on each service provider to be sure that they are legally approved to carry out such cattery business in that area. Even when you are sure they are a legit business, it would be a good idea to ensure that they have met up with other requirements such as those for inspections and boarding facilities.
To ensure your cat will stay out of trouble and possibly avoid catching viruses from other cats, when you visit the boarding cattery, check and agree on the following:

Check that the facility is well cleaned and properly disinfected
Check that individual units are well separated either by mesh or using gaps.
Make it clear that you won’t want your cat in the exercise areas, diseases can spread easily during play
Facilities that offer communal areas are a no go area. This is the fastest way for your cat to get infected